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 9001   Friday Film Goers Interest Group    TBA     04/01/2019  Fri   0:00   Random  
 9916-T19  Memoirs/ Writing from life    OBRS Big Room     06/08/2019  Tue   10:00   Fortntly  
 9917-O19  Lebanese Banquet    La Maison, Wodonga     10/07/2019  Wed   12:30   OnceOnly  
 9918-O19  Dr Paddy Dewan- Kind Cuts for Kids    OBRS Big Room     28/06/2019  Fri   14:00   OnceOnly  
 9919-M19  Justice and Equality – John Rawls    OBRS Big Room     02/05/2019  Thu   14:00   Weekly  
 9920-T19  Games Group    OBRS Big Room     29/04/2019  Mon   14:00   Fortntly  
 9921-M19  Bedlam - A Mental Asylum in Town    OBRS Big Room     30/04/2019  Tue   13:00   OnceOnly  
 9922-M19   Building Skills with our Devices 1    OBRS Big Room     25/03/2019  Mon   13:00   OnceOnly  
 9924-M19   Australian Women Artists    OBRS Big Room     18/03/2019  Mon   13:00   OnceOnly  
 9925-O19   Annual General Meeting    OBRS Big Room     13/03/2019  Wed   14:00   OnceOnly  
 9926-M19   Beechworth's First Nation's People    OBRS Big Room     06/03/2019  Wed   13:00   OnceOnly  
 9927-O19   Memoir - Writing personal narratives    OBRS Big Room     25/02/2019  Mon   13:00   OnceOnly  
 9928-M19   The evolution of Canberra    OBRS Big Room     18/02/2019  Mon   13:00   OnceOnly  
 9929-T19   Justice - an ethics course    OBRS Big Room     14/02/2019  Thu   14:00   Random  
 9930-Y19   Coffee Mornings    TBA     15/02/2019  Fri   10:30   Monthly  
 9931-Y19   Friday Poets    Private Home TBA     01/03/2019  Fri   13:00   Monthly  
 9932-Y19   Tech Savvy Seniors    OBRS Big Room     03/01/2019  Thu   14:00   Weekly  
 9933-Y19   4th Thursday Walk    TBA     28/03/2019  Thu   9:30   Monthly  
 9934-Y19   Men's Book Group    Private Home TBA     21/02/2019  Thu   14:00   Monthly  
 9935-Y19   Bike Riding Group    TBA     21/02/2019  Thu   9:30   Week 1&3  
 9936-Y19   Conversations    OBRS Big Room     20/02/2019  Wed   10:30   Random  
 9937-Y19   Tastes    TBA     13/02/2019  Wed   10:00   Monthly  
 9938-Y19   Drama: stimulating creativity    OBRS Big Room     19/02/2019  Tue   13:00   Fortntly  
 9939-Y19   International Relations 2019    OBRS Big Room     12/02/2019  Tue   13:00   Fortntly  
 9941-S19   Car Rally and Picnic    OBRS Car Park     09/01/2019  Wed   10:00   OnceOnly  
 9942-S19   Food for the Soul in the form of a Poem    OBRS Big Room     30/01/2019  Wed   13:00   OnceOnly  
 9943-S19   An Afternoon of Theatrical Entertainment    OBRS Big Room     22/01/2019  Tue   13:00   OnceOnly