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 9680_M21  Discovering Mt Pilot Nat. Park - Flora    Chiltern Flora     10/06/2021  Thu   9:30   OnceOnly  
 9681_M21  Zen and the Art of Sock Knitting    B'worth Rlwy St     03/06/2021  Thu   14:00   Weekly  
 9682_M21  Modern Monetary Theory POSTPONED    Railway Station     08/06/2021  Tue   13:00   OnceOnly  
 9683_S21  Be Connected Term 2    Railway Station     02/06/2021  Wed   13:30   Weekly  
 9685_S21  Living at Home for Longer    B'worth Rlwy St     19/05/2021  Wed   14:00   OnceOnly  
 9688_M21  Discovering Mt Pilot Nat. Park Gold Mine    Chiltern Goldmining     13/05/2021  Thu   9:30   OnceOnly  
 9691_M21  Impressionist Expressionist Women    Railway Station     11/05/2021  Tue   13:00   OnceOnly  
 9693_O21  Better Questions – Enabling Better Lives    B'worth Rlwy St     06/05/2021  Thu   14:00   OnceOnly  
 9695_O21  What do I do with this rubbish?    B'wth Memorial Hall     05/05/2021  Wed   14:00   OnceOnly  
 9696_M21  HeartSafe Communities    B'worth Rlwy St     29/04/2021  Thu   14:00   OnceOnly  
 9696_O21  Autumn Picnic and Get Together    Upper Everton     30/04/2021  Fri   12:00   OnceOnly  
 9697_M21  Care in your home    Railway Station     28/04/2021  Wed   14:00   OnceOnly  
 9699_O21  Insect Safari    B'worth Rlwy St     22/04/2021  Thu   14:00   OnceOnly  
 9700_M21  Framing your picture of later life    Railway Station     21/04/2021  Wed   14:00   OnceOnly  
 9715_Y21   Poets    Railway Station     05/03/2021  Fri   13:30   Bi-Month  
 9718_S21   Coffee Mornings    TBA     26/02/2021  Fri   10:30   Monthly  
 9720_Y21   Walks with Gerri    TBA     25/03/2021  Thu   9:30   Monthly  
 9723_Y21   Tastes    TBA     22/02/2021  Mon   0:00   Random  
 9725_Y21   Jazz on Fridays with Michael    RSL Rooms     19/02/2021  Fri   14:00   Monthly  
 9726_Y21   Gardeners    TBA     19/02/2021  Fri   10:30   Monthly  
 9728_Y21   Men's Book Group    TBA     18/02/2021  Thu   14:00   Monthly  
 9730_Y21   Everyday Philosophy    Hybrid     17/02/2021  Wed   10:00   Random  
 9732_Y21   Games    Railway Station     12/02/2021  Fri   14:00   Fortntly  
 9737_Y21   Women of Words    TBA     08/02/2021  Mon   10:30   Monthly  
 9738_Y21   Explorers of Australia    Railway Station     05/02/2021  Fri   13:30   Bi-Month  
 9739_21   Get Active Drop In Sessions - POSTPONED    Rotary Park B'wth     05/03/2021  Fri   9:30   Weekly  
 9740_Y21   Indigo U3A Gets Active Drop In Sessions    Rotary Park B'wth     05/03/2021  Fri   9:30   Weekly  
 9741_Y21   Bike Riders    OBRS Car Park     04/02/2021  Thu   9:30   Week 1&3  
 9744_Y21   Our World - background briefings    Hybrid     02/02/2021  Tue   13:00   Fortntly  
 9745_Y21   Scribblers    Railway Station     02/02/2021  Tue   10:00   Weekly  
 9747_Y21   Film Goers    TBA     01/02/2021  Mon   0:00   Random